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Max lines appears on several pages that list objects (i.e. Formulas, Ingredients). The purpose is to allow the user to set the maximum number of objects that are listed on a single page to optimize the use of available screen height. Simply type in the number of lines you want to appear on your screen and click the button.

Note 1: Zero is a special value that does NOT limit the number of objects listed. Use the keyboard Page Down / Page Up keys to navigate the list.

Note 2: If the Max lines value entered is less than the number of objects that meet the filtering criteria, the Next / Previous buttons will appear at the bottom of the list. Use these buttons to navigate the list. value.

By default all pages with the Max lines feature, except the Ingredients page, are set to show all lines (the max is set to zero). Because there are usually more Ingredients than other object types, the Ingredients page is set to a max of 30 lines so that the page does not take excessive time to load. To see all Ingredients on one page, blank out the Max lines field and the Max lines button. This will set the value to zero (no maximum).