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May 28, 2014 (St. Louis Missouri) - To all current and potential users of Tower Grove Feed:

We have installed a few minor fixes and cosmetic changes to Tower Grove Feed:

You may notice some performance improvement in going from page to page and experience fewer Java errors if you click on a new page before a page has finished loading.

The two Nutrient-Ingredient cross references pages both default to “Has quantity” in the drop-down if there is any nutrient value. On the Nutrients-for-an-Ingredient page, you can provide a quantity for a nutrient that does not already have one by changing the drop-down selection to “All,” finding the nutrient and a entering a quantity.

One important fix is that you can now delete an ingredient, if you are at the level of the ingredient’s owner and the ingredient is not used in any formula. A delete button appears on the right in the list of ingredients.

The Species pages have been cleaned up and there is now a Species-Formula cross reference page.

For control levels, a description is not required. If you give a description to a new control level, we store the description at the System level so as to make the description visible at higher levels. A control level description can be overridden at any level.

The default is "Formula" for Nutrients and Ingredients in the Workbench.

Please let us know right away if you experience any unexpected problems.

Some future enhancements to look for:

  • Fixes to some of the move functions
  • Improved performance on solving a formula
  • Improved performance on loading ingredients
  • Storing last-used value by user, rather than by session
  • Allowing a user to sign on to more than one branch of a control level tree:
    • A sales person could log into more than one region without being able to change formula values.
    • A student could log into more than one professor or class.
    • An assistant nutritionist could log into more than one client, but not into the chief nutritionist’s level.
  • Change the sort by clicking on column heading
  • For creating premixes, you will be able to select a subset of ingredients to go into a new formula with their relative percentages preserved.
  • Make a new ingredient from a formula or allow one formula to be used as an ingredient in another formula.
  • Multi-blend

We welcome feedback. Please let us know which, if any, of the above are most important to you and feel free to suggest others.

Richard Rubin and Charlie Jacobson