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The ingredient cost units is the number of units in the cost specified for the ingredient. The unit is typically the The unit of measure indicates the type of measurement to record weights. The choice is almost always between 'pounds - lb' and 'kilograms - kg'. The unit of measure applies to the batch weight, the weights of ingredients in the formula solution, and to ingredient cost units. You could also select 'tons' or 'metric tons' but these are not typically used. Pound (lb) usually refers to an avoirdupois pound.

The unit of measure is specified on the Formula defaults page in the Workshop.

Currently the unit of measure designation is for information only. If you change the unit of measure, Tower Grove Feed does not recalculate ingredient costs or reset batch weight or costs automatically. If, for example, you change from kilograms to pounds, the most common thing to do is to set change the Formula defaults batch weight to 2000 and also set the Control level defaults cost units to 2000. for the control level. The cost units can be any number, but usually is a commonly used quantity in the English or metric system such as 1000 kg, 2000 lb, 100 kg or 100 lb.

The cost units are usually specified at the control level on the [Update Formula Defaults]] page, but they can be overridden for any particular ingredient. The cost units for the control level generally should match the Unit of Measure for the level. For example, if the unit of measure for the level is kilograms (kg), the cost units would typically be 1000. But an expensive ingredient, might more be more easily managed as a cost per 100 kilograms (100), per kilogram (1), or even per gram (.001).