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Workshop overview

The Workshop is one of three main sections of Tower Grove Feed. The other two are the Workbench and the Setup.
The Workshop provides access to the information you normally need in setting up formulas. By default, when you log in, you arrive at the formula list, which you can return to from other Workshop pages by clicking the Formulas tab. The formula list provides access to the Workbench where you can work on a particular formula.

The two other pages in the Workshop are the Ingredients and the Formula defaults pages. (Note: There are two additional tabs on the Workshop page, but these tabs take you to pages outside of the Workshop.)

The list of tabs in the Workshop are as follows:

Workshop tabs


The list of formulas (diets) that you have access to at the current control level. To get to the Workbench for a particular formula, click on the name of that formula.


An editable list of ingredients. All formula ingredients must exist in this master ingredient list.


The Formula Defaults page includes fields that control the solution calculation or the appearance of formulas.


The Setup area provides access to nutrients, species, control levels, ingredient types, user profile information, control level defaults, and the copy/move facility.


This tab takes you to the last formula you were working on in the Workbench.