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This page is part of the Setup, one of three main sections of Tower Grove Feed. The other two are the Workshop and the Workbench. For an overview of the Setup go to Setup overview.



The control level is the basic unit of system control and data management in Tower Grove Feed. A level is sometimes called a 'control unit'. In some contexts, it helps to think of it as a folder. Levels are organized hierarchically. When you log in to Tower Grove Feed, you log in at the level that your user profile is at. The base or root level is called the System level. Each client has a control level immediately under the System level and has at least one user profile at that level. The client may create an unlimited number of additional levels and assign user profiles to any of them.

Levels control what data you can see and what data you can change. Each level (except the System level) has one or more ancestors and may have one or more descendants. Each object in the application is owned by a control level. In general you can see objects owned by your current level and its ancestors, but not its descendants. To see and change the data of a descendant of your current level, you can adopt the role of that descendant. You can adopt the role of any of the descendants of your user profile level.

Adopting a role -- changing your current level

Adopting a role is the same as changing your current level. When you log in, you will see that your current level is indicated at the top right center of the page. At the time of log in, the current level is the level of your user profile. The box in which the level name appears is a drop down that allows you to select any level available to your user profile, that is, any of the descendants of your user profile level. Only Tower Grove Feed personnel can log in at the System level. If no other levels appear in the drop down, then there are no levels subordinate to the one you logged in at.

User profiles

Each level may have one or more user profiles. To log into Tower Grove Feed you must have a user profile. When Tower Grove Feed sets up a new client, a level for the client is created just below the System level with a single user profile that has administrator rights. That initial profile can then create additional user profiles and additional levels. Tower Grove Feed staff can assist you in setting up your initial profiles and control levels.

Creating new user profiles

If you have administrator rights, you can create new user profiles either for the level you logged in at or for any of its adoptable roles. To create a new profile, click the Users link next to the level that you want to add a user to. That will bring up the Control Unit Users page where you will see the list of users that already exist at the selected level. From there you can click the New User button to create a new profile.

Creating a new level

Uses of levels

How levels protect your data

Setup overview

The Setup area provides access to the background information needed to set up and a solve formula. In most cases, you visit the Setup area most frequently when you first begin to use Tower Grove Feed. You might return occasionally to add a level,a user, a new nutrient. By default, when you click on the Setup tab, you arrive at the Nutrients page. If you arrive at another page, it is because Tower Grove Feed remembers the last Setup page you were on. You can also maintain species, levels, ingredient types, and control level defaults. You can also get to the copy/move facility.

The list of Setup tabs follows:

Setup tabs


The list of nutrients that you have access to at your current control level.


The list of species that you have access to at your current control level.


The list of all levels that you have access to with your user ID. These levels constitute the set of roles you can adopt. From the Control levels page you can add new levels and, if you have administrative rights, new users.

Ingr Types

The list of ingredient types that you have access to at your current control level. Ingredient types classify ingredients into categories that help determine the order of mixing.


Control level defaults



Takes you to last formula you were working on in the Workbench.